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Podcast 2018.01.15

This Monday nights mental mix tape was brought to you from these crazily talented folk:


1. Vola – Starburn
2. Port Noir – Young Bloods
3. Semantic Saturation – Ulterior Harmony
4. Crooked Royals – Rumination
5. The Paper Chase – Now Your Gonna Get It
6. Dividium – Would You Kindly
7. Mastodon – Capillarian Crest
8. Daniel Tompkins – Saved
9. Shokran – Faces Behind The Stars
10. Crevassian – Summit


1. Gates to the Morning – Freezing the Sundials
2. Town Portal – Roko’s Basiliskm
3. Cold Night For Alligators – Canaille
4. Johnny Turner – Paliament
5. Sumer – Vanes
6. Voices From The Fuselage – The Wreckage
7. Not Enough – Sinner
8. Windwaker – My Empire
9. Behold the Arctopus – Canada
10. The Parallax Method – You Gotta Be Squiddin Me!


Podcast 2018.11.12

Well…that was fun! Some fantastic tracks on tonights show from some immensely talented artists and bands. Thanks any and all for giving it a listen, the show is back on Monday the 26th of November....

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Review : Villainous – ‘Villainous’ EP

To keep a radio show going every week for several years and keep it as fresh as possible I have to listen to a hell of a lot of music and check out a hell of a lot of new bands out there. It amazes me...


Podcast 2018.01.22

Some damn fine tunes on the show tonight…these ones infact! Cheers all for tuning in, until next week… PMM-Show-96-220118 Set-1 1. Destiny Potato – Addict 2. Altostratus – Eclipse...


PMM – Top 25 Releases of the Year!

2017 has been a musical steamroller of a year for Prog.Metal.Madness! Both the listener count and readership has gone from strength to strength, we have been guests at some amazing gigs and festivals,...


Podcast 25.09.2017

At times chaotic, at others melodic, certainly never a dull moment on this show and we carried on and won against the gremlins! Thanks so much again to Michael Woodman and Thumpermonkey for the tunes...

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Review: A Cold Dark Place by Mastodon

The music of Mastodon has come a long way since their first album. Each new release has seen them become a little more commercial, a little more acceptable and the purist in my dislikes this. However,...


PMM – Show Update!

A live chat with Thumpermonkey, new tunes from The Contortionist, Mastodon, Redwood Avenue, August Burns Red, Mercury Sky, Majora and Damned Spring Fragrantia and loads more besides! Tune in to...


Podcast 21.08.2017

Another eclectic mix, get your ear-drums around this lot! PMM-Show-76-210817 Set-1 1. Northlane – Citizen 2. Arch Echo – Afterburger 3. Defences – Two Steps Back 4. Artificial Language...


PMM – Show Update!

After a long wait Prog.Metal.Madness! is back on the radio this coming Monday night (21st) from 9pm BST to play you some of the very best tunes from the greatest and latest bands on the fringe metal...