Podcast 25.09.2017

At times chaotic, at others melodic, certainly never a dull moment on this show and we carried on and won against the gremlins! Thanks so much again to Michael Woodman and Thumpermonkey for the tunes and interview tonight and all the other great bands who made up the playlist! Check them all out, buy everything, go to their gigs…please leave it there, do not follow them home and try and have their babies…it gets weird!

Here’s what we played:

1. The Contortionist – Clairvoyant
2. Riverside – Hyperactive
3. Modern Day Babylon – Illusion
4. Polaris – The Remedy
5. Mercury Sky – No True Scotsman
6. Thumpermonkey – Tzizimime
7. Mastodon – North Side Star
8. Thumpermonkey – INTERVIEW
9. Thumpermonkey – This Is Not A Fire

1. Hung on Horns – Black Flower
2. Redwood Avenue – Reflections
3. Destiny Potato – Indifferent
4. Majora – Aphotic
5. Knives Out! – Whislte Past The Graveyard
6. Port Noir – Down Your Road I’ve Seen The Devil Stalking
7. Damned Spring Fragrantia – Float
8. Tiberius – The Beautiful Ones
9. August Burns Red – The Frost
10. Awakening Hyperia – Breathe
11. Latitudes – Body Within A Body

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