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Podcast 2018-04-30

Another eclectic noise fest on tonight’s Prog.Metal.Madness! Hope you enjoyed it and come back for more next Monday, until then here are the talented lads n lasses who destroyed my ear drums this week:


1. Boss Keloid – Jromalih
2. Adimiron – Joshua Tree 37
3. Toska – Illumo
4. Reya – Monsters
5. Fraktions – The Difference Between Drowning & Sinking
6. Ihsahn – Wake
7. Sleepmakeswaves – Into The Arms of Ghosts
8. Barrabus – The Trials of Joseph Merrick
9. Chiasmata – Euphoria

1. Odd Logic – Witch Runner
2. Drown This City – Third Law
3. Lithium Dawn – Sight Before The Sound (ft. Plini)
4. The Makeshift Project – Change
5. Statues – No Grave, No Burial
6. Hieroglyph – Solar
7. The Word Alive – Why Am I Like This?
8. Halo Tora – Always The Last To Know
9. Napoleon – Afterlife
10. Wings Denied – Trembling Creature
11. God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph


Podcast 2018.02.12

A very special show tonight, thanks loads to AnasMalek Abid Zahzah for the exclusive listen to his new EP ‘Trapped In The Void’ and for chatting with us about it. Second half was a Saxophone...


Show 99! Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is back on Monday only on Ridge Radio playing you the very latest and greatest underground metal sounds! We are ridiculously lucky this week to be exclusively playing the new EP...


Statues – New Single and Video!

Perth’s most brutal progressive hardcore have turned heads with their album No Grave, No Burial. With not long to go before they embark on their national tour alongside their mates Arteries, they...


PMM – Show Update!

2018 kicks off with a bang on the Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show as we have some amazing new releases to play for you from Desiign, Bailer, Crevassian, Deadly Circus Fire, Jinjer and Abraham Sarache as...


Prog.Metal.Madness! – 2016’s Top Release Countdown!

2016 has been an insane year for the fringe metal fan, those of us with an open mind and an ear for well written music have been spoilt for choice with the depth of talent releasing albums and EPs which...


Black Peaks – UK Tour!

The Black Peaks have announced a full UK headlining tour starting this December in support of this years amazing ‘Statues’ album. I’ve seen them live a few times now and would urge you...