Podcast 2018.02.12

A very special show tonight, thanks loads to AnasMalek Abid Zahzah for the exclusive listen to his new EP ‘Trapped In The Void’ and for chatting with us about it. Second half was a Saxophone special proving that metal sounds even better with a bit’o’brass! Here’s what was on the show:



1. Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet
2. Jinjer – Bad Water
3. Statues – Defiance
4. Tesseract – Luminary
5. Anas Malek Abid – A Journey Through The Void
6. Anas Malek Abid – INTERVIEW
7. Anas Malek Abid – Trapped In The Void

Set-2 (Valentines Saxy special)

1. Bigelf – Blackball
2. Animus Complex – A Distant Shore
3. Intervals – Fable
4. Tardive Dyskinesia – Savior Complex
5. Leprous – Thorn
6. Native Construct – Passage
7. Candiria – Mereya
8. Dog Fashion Disco – Vertigo Motel
9. Panzerballett – Der Saxdiktator

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