Lithium Dawn – Free Album!

For their 5th anniversary of the AION album, Lithium Dawn are giving away (YES!) an album of demos and raretracks for you lucky listeners! Be sure to head to bandcamp to grab your free goodies…I did!

“What’s up everybody?

Today is AION’s 5th anniversary so we have a special treat for you all. We have put together a free download of an archive with some instrumental demos/unreleased material that surrounded our debut release AION.


1. Demo – Soar (2005)
2. Demo – The Price (2006)
3. Demo – Status (2007)
4. Demo – Perpetual Loss (2008)
5. Demo – Freefall (2009)
6. Demo – Destroyer (2009)
7. Unreleased – Interdictor [feat. Aric Nelson] (2009)
8. Unreleased – Black Day (2009)
9. Cover – Open Car (2006)

You will notice some major differences in a few of the demo tracks (Perpetual Loss’ alternate verses/Destroyer’s slightly different structure, etc.) We are also hoping you enjoy the very, very first versions of both Perpetual Loss and Soar that were written (enjoy them programmed Soar drums!!) A good chunk of the music that ended up on the final release was totally re-written and as such, has a different vibe that we landed on as appropriate for the album.

The two B-Sides “Interdictor” and “Black Day” just didn’t slot into the overall structure of the record, though we still like where they sit as songs. “Black Day” is actually a redux of a song from Ondrej and Jens’ previous band, and we tried to see how it would sound in a more current concept. “Interdictor” featured our friend Aric Nelson on vocals, and was more metal focused than the rest of our material, and ultimately it just didn’t gel in the end.

Finally, the 2006 cover for Porcupine Tree’s “Open Car” was one of the songs that cemented the working musical relationship between Matt and Ondrej. The pieces to begin Lithium Dawn started falling into place shortly after.

We hope you enjoy this little window into our writing process. Understandably, the mixing quality differs greatly from the final product that was AION, but we are still very proud of the history of this music.

Also, keep your eye on the page, as later on this week we have another cool surprise planned!

Choose the Digital Download option on the album site when you want to snag the songs.”

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