Stone Circle – New EP Out Now!

Brightons breathtaking progressive death metal maestros have just gone and unleashed their latest EP ‘A Forest Dark’ on the world for our aural consumption. Head over to bandcamp now to grab yourself a copy:

Tunes are all based on the original Brothers Grimm versions of popular fairy tales, heres the low-down:

Bones – The Grimm tale “The Juniper Tree”, where a wicked step-mother kills her step-son for selfish reasons, but vengeance is served in the end.

Without Hands – The tale “The Girl Without Hands”, a story of a father’s greed at the cost of his daughter’s hands.

Riddled (instrumental) – The tale “The Riddle”, a Prince challenges a princess to answer a riddle for his hand in marriage.

Possession – The story of “Rumpelstiltskin”, about a girl trapped in a tower who’s helped by a mysterious creature but at a deadly cost.

Check out latest single ‘Possession’ below

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