Vola – Inmazes Bonus Tracks Available!

Vola have just released two bonus tracks which were created after the sessions for the amazing ‘Inmazes’, you can go get them here: https://volaband.bandcamp.com/album/october-session-inmazes-bonus-tracks

“When our label approached us about wanting to rerelease Inmazes they also asked us about bonus tracks for the album.

During the sessions for Inmazes we didn’t record anything else than the 10 songs you hear on the record, so we had to create something from scratch if we wanted to pursue the idea of bonus material. While we wholeheartedly enjoy playing and making music that is energetic and consists of many layers, we also find a lot of inspiration in toned down, mellow music (like you hear on ‘Emily’, for example), and we rather quickly decided to follow this path for the extra material.

How would the songs from Inmazes sound if we interpreted them with this mind set? We decided to work on ‘Stray The Skies’ and ‘Gutter Moon’ to see what we could come up with. Consisting of only vocals, keys, acoustic guitar and percussion, these versions turned out very different from their loud siblings. We called them October Session – since they were arranged and recorded in October 2015 – and put them on the physical releases of Inmazes (B-side and download code). Now they are finally available on streaming services as well. Enjoy”


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