Podcast 31.07.17

This weeks show is up as a podcast for anyone who missed it! Plenty of great Prog and Tech metal tunes for the so inclined as well as a great interview with the amazing Toska from this years UK Tech-Fest! Check it out…


1. Maschine – Megacyma
2. Redwood Avenue – Exhibitionist
3. Awooga – Where The Others Go
4. Dust of Nations – Rapture
5. Shattered Skies – The Reprisal
6. Awakening Hyperia – Perception of Me
7. Fraktions – Altercation
8. Sentience – An Ecstasy of Light
9. Rosen Bridge – Brand New

1. Amplifier – Freakzone
2. The Parallax Method – Donald Sutherland and his Magnificent Mane
3. Our Hollow, Our Home – Throne to the Wolves
4. Toska – INTERVIEW pt.1
5. Toska – Chalk Teeth
6. Toska – INTERVIEW pt.2
7. Toska – Chasm
8. Holding Absence – Permanent

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