Persefone – European Tour Announced!

The amazing Progressive Death Metal band Persefone have just announced a European tour, heres what they say:

“We are very exited to announce a new European tour for you! Please check out the statement here below, released earlier today by our agency.

Ticketlinks, events-pages and info on support act will follow.

“We want to give them more” was the phrase, used most by the bandmembers after each of the shows on the 2017 Aathma tour in Europe, where Persefone did their first headliner tour on the continent…
…and with this in mind, it’s a pleasure to present to you, the optimized Aathma show. Bigger, stronger and with focus on delivering a show of extreme energy and passion, which will be hard to top for any other band out there today.

The Andorran prog-death masters in Persefone will tour Europe with the “Aathma tour Part 2 – The Cosmic Walkers”, taking the band to larger venues in familiar cities, like Copenhagen, Milano, Paris and London but also striving to reach new territories/cities, such as Rome, Bratislava, Ljubljana, a.o.”

24/03: IT – Rome, Traffic Club
25/03: IT – Milano, Venue Tba
26/03: SV – Ljubljana, Orto Bar
27/03: SK – Bratislava, Randal Club
28/03: DE – München, Backstage
29/03: DE – Karlsruhe, Substage
30/03: NL – Hoofddorp, Duycker
31/03: FR – Paris, Le Petit Bain
01/04: UK – London, Garage Highbury
02/04: Tba
03/04: Tba
04/04: Tba
05/04: DE – Essen, Turock
06/04: DE – Hamburg, Markthalle
07/04: DK – Copenhagen, Vega

Lyrical Video: (“Prison Skin”)

Music Video (“Living Waves”):

Persefone is the new rising star on the European progressive melodeath scene. Having released 5 critically acclaimed albums of extreme technical skills and fantastic songwriting, this band has climbed from being an unknown band from Andorra to claiming headliner status in Europe.

Persefone has previously toured the continent, as support for Obituary and Leprous, until they, co-headlined alongside Loch Vostok, and after the 2017 Persefone headliner tour, it’s now about time to gain even more European ground, thus the “Aathma tour – part 2”.

Persefone Live:
07.10.2017 Grofest, France
03.11.2017 Nagoya, Japan
04.11.2017 Tokyo, Japan
08.11.2018 ProgPower USA, Atlanta, USA
Many more shows to come….

Persefone line-up:
Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards & Vocals
Tony Mestre: Bass
Sergi Verdeguer: Drums
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars

Persefone Discography:
2004 – Truth Inside The Shades
2006 – Core
2009 – Shin-Ken
2013 – Spiritual Migration
2017 – Aathma

Persefone online:

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