Podcast 02.10.17

Another Monday, another PMM show! Tonight I was bopping on the studio seat and trying not to get tied up in my headphone lead to these wonderful bands/tracks! Be sure to give em all a darn good listen.


1. Novena – Lost Within A Memory
2. Panzerballet – Frantik Nervesaw Massacre
3. Artificial Needs – Invidia
4. Sleep In Heads – Blue Fear
5. Sentience – Oleka
6. Tardive Dyskinesia – Triangulation Through Impasse
7. El-Creepo! – When The Devil Creeps In
8. Painted Wives – Hollow Bones
9. Tool – Jambi

1. Ramage Inc. – Earth Shaker
2. The Stranger – Divine Intervention
3. The Interbeing – Sins of the Mechanical
4. Sithu Aye – A Rival Appears!
5. Materia – Hate
6. Holding Absence – Heaven Knows
7. Troldhaugen – CRISPr Me Baby One More Time
8. Sienna Skies – Theres No Place Like…
9. Dust of Nations – Dark Matter
10. The Makeshift Project – Closer To The Edge
11. Textures – Shaping A Single Grain of Sand

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